I heard from our Grandsheikh Abdullah this tale describing the real powers of Awliya.  
    He was speaking of the miracles of Sheikh Muhiyyudin Ibn al Arabi; Esh-Sheikh Al-
    Akbar.  In his books he wrote many predictions for the future.  He said: “If ‘sin’ is going
    into ‘shin’ then will appear the tomb of Sheikh Muhiyyudin.”  After he was killed for
    saying to the people: “The God you worship is under my feet,” many years passed
    with his burial place in obscurity, until Sultan Selim captured Sham.  Selim (initial letter
    ‘siin’) entered Sham (initial letter ‘shin’) as predicted.

    On the first Friday Sultan Selim ordered a bath, and ordered that no one else be
    permitted inside.  He took off his clothes, and was stepping into the bath-dome when
    he saw someone sitting there.  He quickly became angry, “Who is that?”  Came the
    reply, “Oh Sultan, just go and bring soap and a wash-cloth and wash my back.”  The
    Sultan carried out the order, thinking: “This is no ordinary person.” This person
    asked, “Oh Sultan, do you know who I am?”  “For the sake of Allah, tell me, who are
    you?”replied the Sultan.  “I am Muhiyyudin Ibn al Arabi,” said this person. Then the
    Sultan kissed his hands and feet.  The Sheikh then asked the Sultan to find his tomb
    and build a dome and mosque there. “How can I find the tomb?”asked the Sultan.  
    The Sheikh answered,“Before fajr (the dawn prayer) go up a minaret and look toward
    Jebel Qasiyun.  You will see a column of light reaching to the sky.”  

    The Sultan carried out this order and sent workers to dig at that spot.  They found
    Sheikh Muhiyyudin intact in his shroud.  Then the eldest living person in Sham was
    brought to show the spot where he had stepped and said:” The God you worship is
    under my feet.”  Digging there they found two copper cauldrons filled with gold.  It was
    used to build the mosque, and to provide three meals a day for all fuqara (the poor).  
    He said: “If anyone eats and drinks from my charity, even if he is a hypocrite, he must
    be changed to real belief in the end.”  Now even rich people come on Fridays to drink
    soup, hoping to reach that reward.  The gold was his blood money.  He gave his life
    for that charity.

    So many miracles there are for the Awliya (saints)of this Ummah (nation), giving an
    indication for the proof and power of the Prophet Muhammad (sal).  You can’t find
    Saints now in any religion except Islam.  I am ready to meet with anyone; if someone
    says that there is a Saint with miracles from another religion.  I am the weakest in this
    religion, but I am ready to destroy his miracles with the power of my Grandsheikh. I
    am saying this to the whole world.




Mausoleum of Sheikh Muhiyuddin ibn al Arabi